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Hervé Senni Guitarist - Composer & Arranger

Hervé Senni is a French guitarist and songwriter focusing on complex, groovy instrumental music. Furthermore to documenting his own music there, he published jingles for a number of independent radio stations in France and began his profession as a luthier. Hervé Senni now lives in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. After 13 years in Canada, Senni came back to France in 1990.

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He required music lessons in France for quite some time before moving along with his family to Montreal, Canada in 1977, where he continued to build up his skills in private classes. The lyrics are written in an assortment of French, British, and Thai, and traditional Thai musicians can look throughout the

For over 30 years, Senni has combined his jazz-oriented playing style with an array of musical genres - from avant-garde to nu-jazz, to intensifying music, world defeat, and classic rock and roll. Between 2017 and 2019, he released ten self-produced albums online, comprising both old and new compositions. Senni started playing music at age 12 - he was a Deep Crimson lover, so his first acoustic guitar was a duplicate of Ritchie Blackmore’s Stratocaster. He has since built guitars and other advanced consumer electronics for a huge selection of professional music artists.

He became a member of the street brass band Allegria, providing as the group’s tuba player, and continuing playing at locations in south of France. During his time in Montreal, he also played backing electric guitar for the now-famous Canadian vocalist: Térez Montcalm. In the entire year 2000, he halted performing in clubs to concentrate on creating his own studio. After getting his bachelor’s level in music from Concordia University or college, Senni created the music group Aloes and began carrying out live at festivals and jazz night clubs around the town. 

He is presently focusing on his next recording - his first offering vocals. He performed every single instrument, in addition to the drums - including bass, guitar, mandolin, fretless acoustic guitar, bouzouki, mandocello, ukulele, and so many more.

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